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Prophetic 101

Start your journey by laying the bedrock for your prophetic gift. Ivan has crafted this training to bring out and cultivate the prophetic gifting in anyone's life. Whether you are new, or a seasoned prophet, you will be blessed by this course.  

Course curriculum

What People are Saying

  • Catherine-

    "Thank you Ivan this has changed my heart about prophetic ministry."

  • Omie-

    "Wow great class. Thank you for sharing Ivan"

  • Carlotta-

    "This is a solid teaching which I needed at this time. Thank you very much."

Course Instructor

  • Ivan Roman

    Senior Instructor

    Ivan Roman

    Ivan Roman is a teacher, mentor, itinerant minister to the nations, and a pastor to the local church. He has been in the forefront of prophetic ministry for the last 18 years, and is tenaciously raising up the next generation of prophets. His schools are packed with knowledge and insight from his years on the front lines of prophetic ministry and church leadership. Ivan has been recently commissioned as an officially recognized prophet to the church by Harvest International Ministries.

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